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The Saddle Sidekicks Approach

At Saddle Sidekicks, we are committed to providing a safe, comfortable, booster seat for kids and smaller riders that will fit just about any adult saddle.  We designed our product to be easy to use, functional, practical, and COOL!

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Saddle Sidekicks ridden by Shelby on Mac

Our Story

Saddle Sidekicks were created by founder and horseman, Brad Rehmeyer, for his kids.  The family enjoys western riding events:  penning, sorting, reining, and trail riding.  The Saddle Sidekicks had to be tough to stand up to these activities. Over the course of seven years of experimentation the Saddle Sidekicks we sell today emerged and the design patented. The kids love the bright colors and comfortable seat. The parents like that they are easy to attach and adjust.

We welcome feedback and suggestions.  We are continually testing our Saddle Sidekicks to ensure they are safe and meet our customers needs. In fact, customer feedback and suggestions has lead to the development of our English  version, released in October 2017.  Thank you to our customers for keeping us informed.  Keep the ideas coming!

Sidelines Products, LLC has expanded its product line to include a senior version as well. This model is designed to accommodate larger children riders and smaller adult riders. It comes with adult stirrups, a larger seat, and longer stirrup straps. This product is already in production. Contact us via email if you want additional information Contact us.

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